FMC Engineering stands out for its capability to coordinate different disciplines.

Among all there are:

  • Architecture
  • Structural and Seismic Engineering
  • System Engineering

Our experts in different backgrounds work closely from very first stage of the project in order to find the best solutions and achieve quality design, cost reduction and effective scheduling. Our services include:

  • Preliminary Investigation and Feasibility Studies
  • Detailed Engineering Design
  • Work Supervision and Technical Assistance
  • Archiectural Designs
  • Structural and Seismic Design
  • Seismic Risk Assessment
  • Seismic Retrofitting
  • Seismic Isolation
  • Force Protection Design
  • Blast Resistant Building Design
  • Energy Audits and building energy modeling
  • Green building design and energy efficiency optimization
  • Energy Retrofitting
  • Mechanical and Electricaò System Design
  • Automation and Control System Design

Our multidisciplinary capabilities enable us to deliver flexible and sustainable urban projects in line with government aspirations and legislation. We have experience in designing low impact urban development projects and we are specialised in bringing together holistic thinking to achieve optimised engineering strate-gies at a master planning scale.

Our structural engineers are able to carry out accurate analysis of the levels of risk associated with earthquakes. We have the tools and experience to conduct a range of seismic designs and analysis projects, carrying out site specific seismic hazard assessments. Our highly competent staff offers internationally recognized experience in this field, with past risk consultancies at urban, regional and national scales, and for all sort of applications.

FMC’s team is also committed to long-term sustainability. Our energy engineers work hard to design the best mechanical and electrical systems: installing energy efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems; LED lighting; and building controls can help lowering the levels of energy consumption of buildings. We also have a considerable expertise in energy retrofitting using the most innovative techniques in order to convert existing buildings into models of sustainability.