Architectural and Seismic Retrofit of the City Hall of Liveri
FMC Engineering was responsible for the refurbishment of the city hall of Liveri, an old building to be converted into a Community Hub. FMC Engineering carried out the architectural / functional / plant requalification design of the existing Municipal House. The design idea focuses on the complete renovation of the property, in order to give it its own architectural value on a territorial scale, making it a place equipped with specific workshops for young people and the entertainment of the elderly with its center, providing it with the most innovative technologies to make it a real HUB (TTS plus system, cloud computing, remote stations). In particular, the planned safety interventions include: insertion of braces with prevented instability, thanks to the pillars and bottom adjustment by means of micropiles.
Client:Comune di Liveri
Services:Preliminary design, Detailed design and Site Health Safety Coordination
Team:FMC Engineering