Our team members are skilled experts.


Each professional contributes with his expertise to create a fit-for-purpose, functional and complete design. We believe that the quality of our work emerges from a proactive exchange of ideas among our team members and with our clients, rather than from any single source.
Our experience enables us to manage complex projects and processes on any scale through a pragmatic and multidisciplinary approach centred around our clients, their ambitions and their availability. We are constantly investing to improve our state-of-the-art knowledge not only in the domains of our core expertise but also in advanced technological areas that would potentially enhancing our service offer.

Luigi Fico


Luigi graduated in Civil Engineering at the University of Naples “Federico II” and attended the international master degree “Emergency Technologies for Construction”, becoming an expert in new technologies for construction, with special attention to new structural materials, retrofit and upgrading of existing constructions.

Francesco Marino


Francesco is an Electronic Engineer and one of the founders of FMC Engineering. Graduated at the University of Salerno, he has been cultivating his passion for electrical engineering and industrial automation since he was young. His experience in designing electrical systems and computer networks has enabled him to work in Italy and abroad.

Arturo Cervone


One of the founders of FMC Engineering, Arturo gra-duated in Building Engineering at the University of Naples “Federico II”. He is passionate about seismic protection systems and a member of the Italian Assciation GLIS part of ASSISi (International Society of Anti-Seismic System). In 2010 he attended the International ETeC Master.

Raffaele Lettieri


Civil Engineer with a specialisation in structural and geotechnical engineering, seismic analysis and numerical models.

Salvatore Fico


Civil Engineer, he is a key expert in BIM modeling. He is the BIM Manager at FMC Engineering.

Giuseppe Tommasino


Civil Engineer. His main experiences and activities are related to structural and seismic engineering, seismic risk assessments and FEM analyses.

Noemi Mattoni


Responsible for the preparation of bids for tender, in particular for the technical-administrative part.

Stella Longo


Architect. Expert in sustainable design and green retrofit of existing buildings.

Salvatore Maurizio Martino


Civil Engineer. Expert in seismic risk assessment and structural engineering.